Friday, October 10, 2008

Brief Report - 1st Mellon Seminar in Digital Humanities

On October 8th, 35 people gathered in real life (RL) and 16 avatars gathered in Second Life (SL) at the Digital Library Federation's (DLF) island, Entropia, for the 1st of 9 of these Seminars. There was a live feed video into SL of the RL audience and the two faculty conducting the Seminar--Todd Presner (UCLA) and Jeffrey Schnapp (Stanford). So I did my best to type a transcript into the text chat. The faculty plan to mount that transcript on a wiki linked from the Mellon Seminar website and if possible, will also mount the archived video. The next Seminar will take place on November 5th in the UCLA Visualization Portal, and we hope to be able to broadcast into SL again, on Entropia. Stay tuned and check out the Mellon Seminar website for more details regarding topics and speakers. This entire effort represents an excellent form of collaboration among faculty, librarians and technology/computing center staff, something that we are striving for in many of our information literacy endeavors.

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