Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Why cutting school librarians is a mistake" (Scholastic)

Well written and argued article regarding the value of school librarians.

2010 Edublog Winners Announced

Includes links to Edublog award-winning blogs, Twitter, audio and visuals for teachers, as well as students.

3Ts Conference 3/25: Teaching, Technology & Transliteracy

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"Registration is now open!

3Ts: Exploring New Frontiers in Teaching, Technology and Transliteracy conference

Fulton-Montgomery Community College, Johnstown, NY
March 25, 2011

As budgets continue to shrink and the number of online or blended classes continues to grow, the need for instructors who are comfortable with the wide array of digital learning tools becomes of paramount importance. From the writings of Donald E. Hanna and associates1, we are reminded that "the challenge is not simply to incorporate learning technologies into current institutional approaches, but rather to change our fundamental views about effective teaching and learning and to use technology to do so." Keeping this in mind, the 3 T's conference aims to explore issues surrounding the intersections between teaching, instructional technologies and the growing number of literacies all students need for learning and succeeding in today's information-rich academic and professional worlds.

1. Hanna, Donald E. Associates, Higher Education in an Era of Digital Competition: Choices and Challenges, Atwood Publishing, 2000, p.61.
As one of the primary goals of the 3Ts planning committee, we are offering a discounted “buddy” registration fee to encourage cross-disciplinary discussion among our participants.

What constitutes a "buddy"? Buddies are created by a pair of attendees (registering at the same time) who are complementary and/or collaborating professionals (i.e., teaching faculty and a librarian, a librarian and an instructional designer, two teaching faculty from different disciplines).

SUNY Registration Fee $20.00 Non-SUNY Registration Fee $30.00

SUNY Buddy Registration Fee $15.00 Non-SUNY Buddy Registration Fee $25.00

What is Transliteracy? For conference information visit:

Co-Sponsored by SUNY Librarians Association Working Group for Information Literacy (SUNYLA WGIL)

SUNY Center for Professional Development

SUNY Faculty Advisory Council on Teaching & Technology (FACT2)"

Saturday, December 4, 2010

SCIL Professional Development Scholarships

Posted to the SCIL list... (Note: SCIL (Southern California Instruction Librarians) is a subgroup of CARL, the California ACRL Chapter.

"Just a reminder that there is less than 2 weeks left to apply for the SCIL Professional Development Scholarships. Please send all application materials electronically to Allison Carr at

For more information about the upcoming SCIL Works program and on how to register, please visit the SCIL website at

SCIL Professional Development Scholarships

Submission Deadlines
SCIL Works: December 1, 2010, to be announced December 10, 2010

The purpose of these scholarships is to subsidize the attendance of two instruction librarians and one library school student to the two annual SCIL events: the SCIL Works Mini-Conference, held annually in late January-early February; and to the SCIL Spring Program, held annually in May. These scholarships will support instruction librarians and students in their professional development and continuing education in the areas of teaching and learning, pedagogy and information literacy instruction.

Awards and Eligibility
There are three awards for each event which any CARL member may apply for:
1. Any student enrolled in a formal library and information science master's program and is interested in working at an academic institution in a teaching librarian position.
2. Any librarian within the first 3 years of her/his career whose primary job is to teach.
3. Any librarian at any stage in their career whose primary job is to teach.
The awards for SCIL Works and the SCIL Spring Program will cover the cost of registration and travel to the event, not to exceed $250 per person.

1. Resume or CV that outlines related work experience, professional activities, and honors
2. Personal Statement that outlines your interest in instruction in an academic library, speaks to the criteria below, and addresses how your attendance at this conference will support your goals related to instruction librarianship (500 words).
3. CARL Membership Number

Factors considered in awarding the scholarship(s) include evidence of:
• a commitment to a career in teaching/instruction librarianship in an academic library
• a commitment to academics
• potential financial need
• strong communication skills

Achievement in these areas may best be demonstrated by the personal statement indicating interest or work experience in an academic library, including class work, non-course educational experience, volunteer work, teaching or other relevant employment and publications. Candidates should also indicate how attending SCIL Works or the SCIL Spring Program will help to fulfill professional development or continuing education goals.

Winners of these awards will be required to participate in the following year’s review of scholarship applications.

Talitha Matlin
SCIL Publicist
Posted 11/22/2010"