Thursday, July 30, 2009

LILi Phone Conf Call M 8/3, 11:30am-1pm PDT

The next LILi meeting will be a phone conference call, 11:30am to 1pm PDT, with a maximum of 20 participants. Email Esther Grassian if you would like to participate: Following is the agenda:

1. Announcements (10 min.)
a. Reminder: Annual UCLA College Library workshop for community college and high school librarians. “Building a Social Library,” Monday 9/21, 10:30-1:00 with Kenley Neufeld, Library Director at Santa Barbara City College
b. CARL-SEAL program co-sponsorship
c. Other?

2. Future meetings (10 min.)
a. December 11th, 11-1, at UCLA – attendees will get an SL avatar and begin orientation process
b. Schedule 1st 2010 meeting

3. Possible co-sponsorship (20 min.)
a. Scheduling a LILi meeting of some kind during the next CLA Conference in Pasadena, an open meeting, possibly for coffee or for dinner
b. LILi speaker series/workshops in conjunction with LILi meetings

4. Draft SONY Grant proposal letter—review (30 min.)

5. Other

Friday, July 24, 2009

Library Orientation Survey

Just posted to the ILI list, a request for participation in a survey:

"I am a MLS student at Southern Connecticut State University. For my final project I would like to request your participation in a brief (10 question) survey.

My project is “Curriculum Design for a High School Library Orientation Program.” I am interested in hearing from high school and college librarians who are involved in the design, instruction, or supervision of a library orientation. My project is particularly focused on the curriculum topics and the delivery method(s) of library orientation classes.

The survey is hosted at and can be accessed through the link/address below. The survey is completely voluntary, confidential, and anonymous.

I will be happy to share the survey results if there is interest.

Please follow the link below to access the survey. The survey will close on August xx, 2009.

Library Orientation Survey

Many thanks for your participation.
Deborah Tong
MLS Student
Southern Connecticut State University[ ]

Under the supervision of:Dr. Mary E. Brown Southern Connecticut State