Monday, September 22, 2008

SCIL (Southern California Instruction Librarians) Nominations

SCIL, a CARL (California Academic & Research Libraries) interest group, is seeking nominations for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, a 3-year term (Vice-Chair, Chair, Past-Chair). Deadline: October 10th. Contact Debbi Renfrow to nominate yourself or others: or (951) 827-5732.

By way of history, SCIL started out in 1975 as a subgroup of a CLA (California Library Association) committee. It grew quickly and turned into an independent organization called California Clearinghouse on Library Instruction, with southern and northern groups open to librarians in any type of library interested in library instruction/bibliographic instruction. In actuality, though, most CCLI South members were from academic libraries. In later years, CCLI South became an interest group of the California ACRL Chapter, and renamed itself SCIL.

The LILi group has, in a way, gone back to the CCLI South roots, and expanded by drawing in librarians from all types of libraries, in its mission to investigate and develop sequential lifelong information literacy curriculum for all levels of libraries in California.

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