Friday, August 8, 2008

Volunteer Opportunity - Help a Tijuana Orphanage with their Library

Just received this information regarding a volunteer opportunity for Thursday, August 21st.

Reed Elsevier's Spring Funding granted San Diego RE Cares $10,000 for
Corazon de Vida's La Roca Orphanage. RE Cares will be upgrading the
small onsite La Roca library so it offers more value to La Roca
Primary School students. Our project is well underway with a planned
bus trip for August 21, 2008. On this trip we will be cleaning and
organizing the area for the Library. Assembling furniture, organizing
books, installing ceiling fans and window treatments and setting up a
computer room.

Registration is open. We hope to get 50 volunteers for this project.
To register for the trip click to sign up. As on previous trips,
family and friends are welcome to come along.

I’m excited to report that my company has agreed to fund an upgrade or
build a new library each year at an Orphanage in Tijuana. Since, our
company is underwriting the cost of the trip and the library
reconstruction there is no cost to attend. Please let me know if you
have any interest in attending. A passport is preferred, but a valid
birth certificate and driver license would also be okay. The bus will
pick up at Mt Olive Church in Santa Monica (Ocean Park and 14th) at
6:30am on Thursday, August 21st. We will return between 6pm-7pm the
same day.
RE Cares San Diego Granted $10,000 for La Roca Library Project

Want to sign up? Please visit

Questions? Please contact SLA-SD member Daria DeCooman (who works as a
senior library communications manager for Elsevier in San Diego) at
619.699.6283 or

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