Thursday, August 7, 2008

SCIL (Southern California Instruction Librarians) Meeting Minutes

Marsha Schnirring announced:
Minutes from the July SCIL Business Meeting at CSU, Channel Islands have been posted to the SCIL website:

SCIL is a committee of the California ACRL Chapter, CARL. It started out in 1975 as a subcommittee of a CLA (California Library Association) reference group, but soon dwarfed its "mother group." It split into two groups, the California Clearinghouse on Library Instruction (CCLI), South, and North. The Southern group affiliated with CARL, while the Northern group is still a standalone organization. Both are grassroots organizations of instruction librarians, and both put on very interesting and worthwhile programs, in addition to offering networking opportunities with other enthusiastic instruction librarians. Check it out!

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