Thursday, March 31, 2011

Post 3: 85 Teacher-Librarians laid off-Los Angeles Unified School District

Post 3 of 3 on this issue... NOTE: Sample letters will be posted to this blog shortly.

And finally…

“Last night my school site [Taft High School] with reduced funds did not fund the Teacher Librarian for 2011-12 school year. Although the principal is supportive, I have found an extreme lack of knowledge regarding the critical need for our students to have skills taught by Teacher Librarians. I believe that the district intends to close all school libraries. I shared the Ed Code clearly stating the requirement for a Teacher Librarian-a dually credentialed teacher especially at the high school level.

Last year, after some negotiations the District centrally funded Teacher Librarians at the high school level but not the middle school. In reading my letter you can learn what happened given that reality--I believe a civil rights violation.

I'm attaching two letters that I've written and will be sharing with advocacy groups. Please use the information and share.

Thanks for your assistance!



Kathleen Sheppard
Teacher Librarian
Taft High School
5461 Winnetka Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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