Sunday, November 8, 2009

Information Literacy and Web 2.0 Technologies

ACRL Event: Information Literacy and Web 2.0 Technologies

When: Friday, November 13th, Noon - 1p.m. SLT (Pacific Time)

The ACRL (Association for College and Research Libraries) has defined
Information Literacy as “a set of abilities requiring individuals to
‘recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate,
evaluate, and use effectively the needed information.’” Has the
emergence of interactive Web 2.0 technologies such as Facebook, blogs,
Flickr, or even Second Life complicated or enhanced the world of
Information Literacy? As the serving of information becomes more and
more immediate, how are we able to determine authenticity, accuracy,
or reliability?

Please join us as we host a panel discussing these and other important
issues regarding Information Literacy and Web 2.0, featuring our

Sheila Yoshikawa (Sheila Webber in RL--Sheffield University, UK)
Buk Binder (Marsha Schnirring in RL--Occidental College, California)
Alice Burgess (Beth Kraemer in RL--University of Kentucky)
Robin Mochi (Robin Ashford in RL--George Fox University, Portland, Oregon)

Panel Moderated by: Alexandria Knight (Esther Grassian in RL)

Questions? E-mail Jerrold Shiroma ( or Rebecca
Macomber ( or IM Jerrold Wikifoo and/or Reba
Hammand in Second Life.


Get a Second Life Account:
1.) Registering for a free SL account requires name and email. Go to or use the convenient procedure set up for
academics through this Web site:
(You may skip the Assistive Technology and Information Request pages)

2.) Think carefully about choosing your avatar name, it cannot be
changed; although you can create multiple avatars.

3.) You get your account and avatar immediately upon registering. You
can then download the free Second Life client software.

After downloading the SL client you can login for the first time. You
will land at the Orientation area on Virtual Ability Island.

4.) Teleport to ACRL on ALA Island by clicking, or pasting this link
into a Web browser. It opens a Web page with a Teleport button that
takes you directly to ACRL on ALA Island

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