Friday, November 20, 2009

INFOLIT Ibero-America (Latin-America, Spain & Portugal): New Blog & Web 2.0 Resources

Posted to various lists by Alejandro Uribe Tirado:

INFOLIT Ibero-America (Latin-America, Spain and Portugal):
New Blog and Web 2.0 Resources
You can visit us to:
(Courtesy by prof. Sheila Webber)


Information Literacy
(Information Literacy Education)

the teaching-learning process designed for an individual or group of persons,

under the professional leadership and guidance of an educational or library institution, using different teaching strategies and learning environments (classroom, mixed-blended learning or "virtual" / E-INFOLIT),

to be able to achieve the competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes)
in computing, communications and information that would enable and empower them,

after identifying and recognizing their information needs, and applying different formats, media and physical, electronic or digital resources,

to locate, select, retrieve, organize, evaluate, produce, share and disseminate in an efficient and effective way, as well as with a critical and ethical approach (Information Behavior) the information that best satisfies those needs, building upon their potentialities (cognitive, practical and emotional) and previous knowledge (multiple literacies: reading and writing, functional, visual, media, digital)

and to achieve an appropriate interaction with other individuals and groups (cultural practices-social inclusion), according to the different roles and contexts involved (educational levels, research, job-training),

for finally with all this process, to get and share new knowledge as well as the foundations for lifelong learning (to which every citizen has the right) in order to facilitate the decision-making for personal, organizational, community and social benefits in view of the everyday and long-term demands (opportunities and threats) in the current information society.

Uribe-Tirado, Alejandro (2009)
Translation with the support of: Cristobal Pasadas Ureña



Alejandro Uribe Tirado
Candidato Doctorado Documentación Científica Universidad de Granada Docente / Investigador - Grupo Información, Conocimiento y Sociedad Escuela Interamericana de Bibliotecología Universidad de Antioquia Medellín-Colombia

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