Monday, May 4, 2009

More re Twitter as a Teaching/Learning Tool

Jared Bendis followed up on his posting on the NMC (New Media Consortium) Technology Advisory Board list re TweetMyPaper:

"A question of privacy has come up and while you can't delete or edit you can hide and unhide. Which would allow something terrible to go offline or allow you to reveal the project only when completed.

When I was building it I kept thinking of a conversation I had with Reuben about repercussions (he told me a story about the accidental flooding of a sim and how they had to fix it instead of leaving it as a natural disaster). With the exception of the occasional public performance how often are we faced with the 'get it right the first time' skill that could serve us well.

This is just an exercise in writing without a net."

Jared E Bendis
Creative Director of New Media - Case Western Reserve University |

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