Saturday, May 23, 2009

Invitation: 9th Mellon Seminar in Digital Humanities

Anyone interested is invited to attend the concluding symposium of the Mellon Seminars in Digital Humanities, featuring talks and panels by faculty and graduate students from UCLA and elsewhere. See the website for more information:

These Seminars are hosted by Todd Presner (Germanic Languages and Comparative Literature, UCLA) and Jeffrey Schnapp (Stanford University, Stanford Humanities Laboratory, and Mellon Visiting Professor of Digital Humanities, UCLA). They invite you to an afternoon of thought-provoking discussion.

Presenters: (See schedule below)
Date: Monday, June 1, 2009
Time: 12 noon – 5 pm SLT/PDT (U.S. Pacific Time)
Real Life (RL): UCLA Visualization Portal (5628 Math Sciences Bldg.)
Second Life (SL): Entropia, the Digital Library Federation’s SL
island—RSVP needed

Second Life basic accounts are free:

NOTE to SL attendees: Please RSVP to Esther Grassian to reserve a space and receive the SLURL (SL
url), as well as instructions for viewing the live video feed and
adjusting the audio in SL.


· 12:00-12:45: Lunch and introductory comments about Digital Humanities and
the Mellon Seminar by Jeffrey Schnapp and Todd Presner, including a presentation of the “Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0”

· 12:45-1:10: Brian Stefans (with Mark McGurl as respondent): “Poetry in the
Age of New Media”

· 1:10-1:25: Maite Zubiaurre: “Connecting the Dots: Spanish Cyberfeminism, Digital Art, and Domestic Violence”

· 1:25-1:40: Xarene Eskandar: “Digital Humanities Pedagogy and Practice: A Case Study in Media-Space-Narrative”

· 1:45-2:45: “Digital Cultural Mapping” featuring lightning talks by: Phil Ethington, Jan Reiff, Chris Johanson, Willeke Wendrich, Elaine Sullivan, Barbara Hui (respondents: Todd Presner and Diane Favro)

· 2:45-3:15: “Mobile Media” featuring lightning talks by: Scott Ruston, David Shepard, Eric Chuk, Antero Garcia, Jennifer Porst, and Christie Nittrouer

· 3:15-3:30: Break

· 3:30-4:30: Keynote by N. Katherine Hayles: “How we Think: The Transforming Power of Digital Humanities”

· 4:30-5:00: Answering the Question: What is(n’t) Digital Humanities? (a group conversation); Wrap-up, next steps,mapping the future...

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