Monday, April 20, 2009

Information Literacy Panel & Poster Session in Second Life

On Wednesday, April 29, 2009, from 1:30 to 5 pm SLT/PDT, I’ll be hosting a panel and poster sessions related to information literacy at the Second Life Info Island Open Air Auditorium:

This panel and poster session event will be held during a regularly scheduled class session for the UCLA Information Studies Department graduate course I’m teaching this Quarter. The course is called “Information Literacy Instruction: Theory and Practice.” There are 21 students in the class, and they’re interested in various types of libraries, including academic libraries and public libraries. Most of my students are new to SL and have been asked to get an avatar and attend the session in SL. Many will probably also attend class in our regularly scheduled computer lab in RL.

There will be about 8 panelists and about the same number of poster sessions during this timeframe. Panelists have been asked to address several questions regarding their library’s information literacy instruction in any format, including virtual worlds.

Because of the size of my class and the number of panelists and poster session participants, as well as limitations on the number of avs that can be accommodated in order to minimize lag, I am only posting this announcement to the SLL Google Group and to the LILi blog:

With the permission of the participants, I will try to make available any notecards created and the transcript. If possible, and if it’s agreeable to the participants, I’ll also try to leave the posters up for a while in case anyone would like to drop by and view them afterwards.

This is an experiment in using SL for this panel discussion and a poster session, and I hope that if you're interested you'll feel welcome to attend, but if lag becomes a problem, I hope you'll also consider leaving the session and allowing me to provide you with a transcript and then return to view the poster sessions at a later time.

I want to thank Abbey Zenith in advance for her encouragement and support, and for her excellent training session in how to create a poster, as well as embed a notecard in an object. Abbey will be welcoming the students, the participants, and attendees at the beginning of the session. Thank you so much, Abbey!

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