Sunday, April 19, 2009

Details Re Summer 09 Inforrmation Literacy Course

New for Summer 2009: IS 448 – Information Literacy Instruction: Theory and
Technique – a blended instruction approach.

Are you interested in enhancing your understanding of information literacy and improving your teaching and presentation skills?

Does the idea of a blended approach to learning that combines face-to-face meetings with online instruction intrigue you? Then the summer 2009 offering of UCLA's IS 448 is for you. Taught over a ten-week period, students will only be required to attend face-to-face meetings on three out of the ten Saturdaysduring the session. The course will make heavy use of Moodle. All course materials (except for the course text) will be posted to the site.

Students will be expected to monitor the site each week for assignments, exercises, activities, and discussions. Completed assignments will be posted to the site and in some cases will be peer –reviewed as well as instructor graded. Face-to-face sessions will concentrate on community building, brainstorming, discussions, and for exercises and activities that engage learners with the course material being addressed.

Face-to-face sessions will be held on the following dates.
Saturday June 27 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM with a lunch break from noon to 1 PM
Saturday July 18 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM with a lunch break from noon to 1 PM
Saturday August 8 9:30 AM to noon or 1 PM to 3:30 PM

NOTE for August 8 only: Students will have the option of attending either the morning (9:30-noon) or the afternoon (1 to 3:30) session. They will be required to sign up in advance for their selected session.

Regardless of the type of library you are headed for or the type of library work you plan to pursue, IS 448 can provide you with the skills, knowledge and ability to…
o Help your users become information literate
o Train you co-workers in the use of new resources and/or technologies
o Make persuasive presentations that “sell” your ideas to colleagues, administrators, your user community etc.
o Prepare for professional presentations at conferences and meetings.

The course instructor is Joan Kaplowitz, a leading expert in the field of information literacy instruction and co-developer of IS 448 with Esther Grassian. Their textbooks are considered the definitive ones in the field.

For more information about Dr. Kaplowitz see her Web site Transform
Your Teaching – You may contact her at for further information regarding this course and/or about information literacy instruction in general.

For information about enrolling in this course go to

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