Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reminder & Readings: Mellon Seminar in Digital Humanities, 4/6/ 2-5 pm SLT/PDT

Hello. This is a reminder of this upcoming Seminar. I'm also pasting in a message from Dave Shepard regarding the readings for this Seminar--see below.


The readings for the April 6th Mellon Seminar are now available for
download from our website,
This is a change; we were going to mail them out, but instead, we have
decided to post them. We look forward to seeing you at 2 pm on that


Esther Grassian
Information Literacy Librarian
UCLA College Library
Box 951450
L.A., CA 90095-1450
Phone: 310-206-4410
Fax: 310-206-9312
SL: Alexandria Knight
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From: Esther Grassian
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 15:39:26 -0700 (PDT)
To: Lifelong Information Literacy
Subject: [LILi] Invitation: 7th Mellon Seminar in Digital Humanities

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You are invited to attend the April 2009 Mellon Seminar in Digital

Topic: Info-Triage and Sticky Media: Intersections of Design Theory &
the Digital Humanities

Presenter: Peter Lunenfeld
Date: Monday, April 6, 2009
Time: 2 pm – 5 pm SLT/PDT
Real Life (RL): UCLA Visualization Portal (5628 Math and Sciences
Second Life (SL): Entropia, the Digital Library Federation’s SL
island—rsvp needed

Second Life basic accounts are free:

NOTE to SL attendees: Please rsvp to Esther Grassian to reserve a space and receive the SLURL (SL
url), as well as instructions for viewing the live video feed and
adjusting the audio in SL.

Contemporary theories of communication design, interaction design, and
media design are important to the overall project of the digital
humanities. In contrast to fine art, architecture, and film, design
was slow to accrete sophisticated aesthetic and social theories;
historically, designers themselves created a maker's discourse heavy
on technical analysis. Coincident with the rise of design as a
cultural force since the beginning of this decade, though, a more
rigorous and informed theoretical attention to design emerged. 21st
century design theory offers powerful ways to think about interactive
technologies and creative practices. Combining strategies from design
theory with the deep resonance offered by the digital humanities
increases the potential for mindful downloading and meaningful

Peter Lunenfeld is a professor in the Design | Media Arts department
at UCLA. His books include The Digital Dialectic (MIT, 1999), Snap to
Grid (MIT, 2000) USER (MIT, 2005), and The Secret War Between
Downloading and Uploading (forthcoming). As creator and editorial
director of the Mediawork project, he produced a pamphlet series for
the MIT Press that redefined the relationship between serious academic
discourse and graphic design.

The reading for this seminar, an excerpt from Prof. Lunenfeld's
upcoming book The Secret War Between Downloading and Uploading: How
the Computer Became Our Culture Machine, will be emailed to the
mailing list for the seminar rather than posted to the website.

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