Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hyperlinked Library

Ordinarily, I wouldn't read through a 482-slide PPT show, much less recommend it to others, but Peter Brantley, DLF Director is right. This is a fascinating and very timely slide show. If you don't have time to go through the entire slide show right now, I'd highly recommend at least looking at the following slides:

**193: The conversation: the art of listening, learning & sharing
**260: 7 ways to think outside the box
**281: Trend Blend 2009+
**380: Choose the Tools (use evidence to decide)
**385: Evidence-Based Librarianship (Balance innovation with ROI)
**387: Learning
**394 & 395: Learning 2.0
**398: Learning 2.0 by diving in
**429: 5 Phrases I never want to hear in libraries again!
**430 & 431: 100 Lamest Excuses
**432: Say “Yes”
**447: Einstein & trust formula
**458 & 459: Open thinking
**472: 5 Things You Can Do Now

473: 1) Participate in the Conversation
474: 2) Form an Emerging Technology Committee
475: 3) Explore Presence
476: 4) Use Some Tools to Make Work Easier
477: 5) Dive Into Learning 2.0!

**479: Learn to Learn


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michael stephens has an interesting presentation (big download)
on the hyperlinked library -

" What emerging trends are changing library services? What does a
connected world of “continuous computing” mean for 21st Century
libraries. This presentation provides a roadmap toward becoming the
Hyperlinked Library: transparent, participatory, playful, user-centered
and human, while still grounded in our foundations and values."

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