Monday, November 3, 2008

"Electronic Green Journal" freely available

Hi. A colleague has asked me to post a message about the fact that this Journal is now freely available through the UC e-Scholarship Repository. See more details below.

Oct. 14, 2008

“Electronic Green Journal” now available through the UC eScholarship Repository

Dawn Setzer,
(310) 825-0746

Electronic Green Journal” (EGJ), an academic, peer-reviewed journal on international environmental topics, is now available to all users without restriction through the University of California’s eScholarship Repository at

Published since 1994, the journal contains practical and scholarly articles, bibliographies, reviews, editorial comments and announcements on topics such as environmental protection, conservation, natural resource management and ecologically balanced regional development. Its readership includes environmentalists, ecologists, regional planners, researchers, educators, students and members of the general public.

EGJ was one of the first peer-reviewed international journals published through an open-access model, which provided unrestricted access to its contents. The move to the eScholarship Repository platform enables the journal to archive its contents, lower its costs and attract more visibility.

EGJ is published twice a year under the sponsorship of the UCLA Library. Its general editor is Maria Anna Jankowska with the UCLA Charles E. Young Research Library, and its book review editor is Amy Chatfield with the UCLA Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library.

About the UCLA Library: Ranked among the top 10 research libraries in the U.S., the UCLA Library system is a campuswide network of libraries serving programs of study and research in many fields. Its collections encompass more than eight million volumes as well as archives, audiovisual materials, corporate reports, government publications, microforms, technical reports and other scholarly resources. More than 50,000 serial titles are received regularly. The UCLA Library also provides access to a growing collection of digital resources, including reference works, electronic journals and other full-text titles and images.

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