Thursday, August 21, 2008

California State Lbirary Think Tank

The California State Library is convening a 1 1/2 day think tank to "create three scenarios for what statewide reference could become." Input will be gathered at the CLA (California Library Association) Conference and through other means, regarding "what scenarios or pieces of scenarios will be most beneficial to all." The State Library will use the results to formulate an action plan for a new statewide reference model. LILi has been told that information literacy will be addressed as well, and that this process is likely to result in altered State Library priorities. Future LSTA grant proposals in the state will be need to be linked to the new priorities. (Note: Quotes are from the website .)

Once these new priorities have been established, LILi Advisory Board members will need to discuss them and decide whether or not to reapply for an LSTA grant or some other grant, in order to survey California libraries regarding their information literacy instruction.

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